Selling Insurance without a Marketing Degree

Recently, John Heath from Colonial Life Insurance visited our Marketing Management class one morning. He has no degree in business, yet he is a great salesman. He and his assistant presented practical information for those wanting to get into sales. I, for one, do not want to venture into that field. Personally, the thought of speaking with people face-to-face, trying to get them to buy a product, terrifies me. But, to each his own, right?
Dr. Green has been reiterating to the class the idea that a person needs to be likeable and trustworthy in order to sell a product to someone. John definitely had those qualities about himself. He was friendly, explained things well, and seemed like he had your best interest in the forefront of his mind. David Mayer and Herbert M. Greenberg write, “Our basic theory is that a good salesman must have at least two basic qualities: empathy and ego drive” (2006). Along with being trustworthy and empathetic, a salesman must be driven. One of Heath’s maxims is that you can make as much money as you think you are worth. It is simply up to you to put in the time.

Heath’s primary role as an insurance salesman, it seems, is to promote awareness of his company’s product. Chernev explains, “Awareness reflects customers’ knowledge of the offering. Awareness can be generated by the company’s direct communications to its target customers…” (2014). Without awareness of your product, you have no market.

Heath explained the importance of getting as many “drops” as possible to contacts each week. It is called a drop because you are trying to “drop” your name and information to a certain business. The more times you contact a sales prospect, the more likely you are to get further with them in the sales process. “’No’ isn’t always a flat-out ‘no.’ Most of the time, it just means ‘not right now,’ so don’t be discouraged when you get a no. Be persistent,” Heath said.

This is what would scare me if I took a sales position. I do not like being told no. I feel as though my relationship with that person is hurt when they say no. I feel I cannot be as open with them.

Heath mentioned the book Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount. He and his assistant both praised it as a very inspiring, easy read, and it is definitely something salespeople need to check out. So, in a perfect world, I will read that book and suddenly fall in love with sales. We shall see.

Auto Insurance and the Basics

Car insurance has become essential rather than just a luxury for many. Instead of just having the choice to benefit from comfort, there are numerous states in which auto insurance policies are requirements imposed by the respective state governments. The reason is to reduce (or completely eliminate) financial and personal losses.
Worst case scenario, you might be driving your car or truck, and you cause an accident that brings about major injuries to yourself as well as the persons mixed up in said accident, in addition to significant damage to both vehicles: Are you positive that your car insurance policy has adequate coverage to these damages, potential hospital bills, and possible litigation fees? By maintaining the right coverage and limits on your policy you may well be able to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of major financial catastrophe.

Online quotes are the fastest way to get cheap insurance. Find a website which offers quotes from many different companies simultaneously. Fill out the form, and answer any queries they could ask. Within seconds you’ll have the expense of the insurance coverage you are looking for from each of them. From there you can compare them and choose which you would like to purchase.

Insurers change from one state to another. Even large companies like Allstate, Progressive, Farmers and Nationwide may not insure drivers well in every single state. They might not be agreeable with state regulations or any other factors such as excessive fraud. Consumer could possibly get more information on insurers by checking J.D. Power and Associates ratings and company financial strength ratings with A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s. Friends and family can even be a fantastic resource for picking an exceptional auto insurer in your state.

The combination of not enough company selection, losing the good driver discount and getting surcharged for each and every ticket can leave the consumer with rates double that regarding drivers with a driving history. It is, therefore, important that these drivers get multiple automobile insurance quotes. With a premium that’s double that relating to other drivers, the potential for saving could be also become well. The best way to receive multiple quotes and make sure you will get a competitive rate quote is to call a completely independent insurance agency with usage of numerous insurance agencies.

Celebrity Getaway: Winter Sports in Davos, Switzerland

The luxury resort of Klosters brings together the perfect combination of an idyllic mountain and a charming, unspoilt village. The destination’s beauty has led it to attract a number of very famous VIPs over the years, including Prince Charles, who has been a guest at Klosters on numerous occasions.
With a vast range of activities on offer at the resort, Klosters is an extremely popular destination for those looking to enjoy a luxurious trip. The resort is an ideal base from which to enjoy the winter sports on offer at Davos, with the Gotschnabahn cable car taking guests right into the heart of the metropolis.


Heralded as a region which can guarantee its visitors snow, Davos has plenty to offer when it comes to skiing and snowboarding. With six snow sport resorts to choose from, you really will find it hard to leave when your trip comes to an end.

Parsenn is a good place to start for an experienced skier, whilst Madrisa and Rinerhorn can cater to all abilities. Before departing for home, be sure to also check out the areas of Pischa and Schatzalp. Avid snowboarders are encouraged to check out the freestyle mountain Jakobshorn, which lies just by Davos. All in all, these six ski areas combine to bring guests in Davos a staggering 300 km of pistes, with 57 transport connections to take visitors between slopes.

For those who are just starting out on the slopes, the Madrisa region which lies just above Klosters is ideal. Seasoned skiers on the hunt for some cross-country action can find a number of attractive routes nearby to Klosters, whilst there’s also plenty on offer over at Landwassertal.

Ice Climbing

An activity which is undoubtedly not for those afraid of heights, ice climbing in Sertig has become extremely popular over the years. Using an axe and crampons, those who get a thrill out of pushing themselves to discover new adventures will get the chance to climb a frozen waterfall, with perfect conditions to do this throughout the winter season.

Other Ice Sports

From ice skating to ice hockey, there is plenty more on offer than skiing and snowboarding. The Davos World of Ice at the Davos Sports Centre has a number of ice rinks which all vary in their theme, whilst the Davos and Klosters sports centres offer guests the chance to try ice hockey for the first time.

Before You Go

Purchasing some winter sports insurance before heading off on your trip is a very good idea. Doing this will give you the peace of mind to know that you’re covered against any and every eventuality during your holiday.

Regardless of whether or not you’re going to be heavily involved in any of these activities, purchasing winter sports insurance will put your mind at rest in the knowledge that your trip will be hassle-free.

Author Plate

Patrick Chong is the Managing Director of InsureMore, an award-winning team of specialists in global single trip, family, annual and comprehensive insurance. If you’re looking for the best winter sports insurance to any destination worldwide, InsureMore has the best policies to suit. Besides offering great deals on travel insurance, Patrick also collects and shares the best free travel competitions to help his clients get the most out of their holidays.

6 Comprehensive Clues To Help You Relocate Smartly!

The packers and movers in Chennai you have appointed for your forthcoming Chennai to Chandigarh house move are dated in two months and you are planning to make it the best moving experience ever! For that, you are doing your research and evaluation, you are talking to your friends and colleagues, and you are reading out more and more information on the logistics and transportation domain and making the best of your pre-move time.
At the same time, you are working on your household preparation – just a while ago, you started with the cleaning and de-cluttering, sooner you will go ahead with your budgeting and other primary pre-moving tasks like purchasing essentials and speaking to professional movers for your forthcoming move!

Here, we have a few important things to share with you, knowing that you have a move planned for yourself! And for all the things you do, make sure you are taking your own time and working on every key aspect of the move mindfully! Okay, with that, here goes the list of important things curated for you!

1. Plan how things will work: There has to be a first-class plan ready when you are gearing up for your move. You cannot go wrong with how you will plan your move, so give yourself some time so you can go through your entire household to inspect what stuff you have, to eventually decide what you will move with you and what you will not. If you want to make the move as easy on you as possible, you can start early with the plan. There will be countless things to take note of – from the financial plan to the security deposit, to the important paperwork and the last-minute preparations, getting in touch with the major agencies to getting the right supplies for the move, etc. So, make sure you are laying out a top-notch plan for yourself before proceeding ahead. You may even seek help from online sources like checklists and planners or videos on YouTube.

2. Determine how to move: The move you shall carry out with the professionals should be looked over from different perspectives. You should think of the long run when you are prepping up for your move. So, think through the kind of move you are planning to make and the kind of services you will want to have for your move. Opt for a full-range of moving services so that your goods remain under expert inspection when they are on the go! The reason why choosing full-service movers is advisable is because they take care of your move from every aspect.

3. Create a list of moving items: Keeping in mind the budget you will decide for the move, you should create a supportive inventory that takes care of the budget completely. Do not move things that are useless, broken, and old or simply would not look good in your new house. All of these items should simply be taken care of some other way – either over donation or sale or disposal. You may also choose to mention the condition of the items alongside the items you will move. This will help you with the assessment and insurance claims if in case, there is some damage or loss. You may even choose to maintain your inventory online on the smart checklists and planners available over the internet to minimize your move hassle.

4. Prepare your house goods: Packing your belongings for the move would mean that each of your goods is clean and ready to be packed for the move. Right? In that case, you must have an idea of how you would want your belongings to be shipped to the destination. For that, you should bear in mind that each of the goods that you will decide to move would call for some kind of preparation – the furniture would need dusting and dismantling, the clothes would need dry-cleaning, and other household fabrics – a thorough cleaning. If you have things that you want to sell out, you may plan when and how the garage sale would be planned and how you will manage it all, by yourself.

5. Balance your mental peace: When it comes to moving, it is quite normal to experience a variety of emotions – at one point, you could be upset and at another point, you could be happy but there will be a moment when you will find yourself stuck amidst several things. At that point, it would become all the more important to take care of the mental peace. So, just have a foolproof plan for your move and keep everything ready in advance so that you are on your toes on the day of your move. Do not overstrain yourself; else you will have a tough time taking care of your well-being during the move. To feel better, you can tune into good music, have a relaxed sleep, have good food, or call for get-togethers so that everything happens well.

6. Watch the loading process: You may have assigned the goods packing task to the professionals but you will still need to be cautious of how everything is being taken care of by the moving team. If on a moving day, you are already busy with other things, make sure at least someone with your family is there to look after the final steps of the moving journey – like labeling, handling until the moving truck, and the truck loading process. Watch out for how the professionals stack your boxes and where they keep your bigger cartons and cartons containing major appliances and goods.

You can never expect your move to be seamless and straightforward. No matter how much you prepare for the move and take note of every vital aspect, certain things would not go your way and you will have to accept that and go ahead. If you have your team of movers and packers in Chennai hired on the moving project, everything would seem sorted and you will be at peace!

Why are office interiors in Bangalore important?

Most of the businesses these days irrespective small or big are considering the interior design of the office as the top most priority.

Also, the business approach has evolved over the years and hence business owners are looking to design their office in a way that they can catch the attention of their clients.

Further, office interior designers play a very significant role in helping your business to stand out.

Also, there are a few things that might not look good in our eyes. For instance, if clutter is present everywhere in the office, then it can lead to negative impressions.

So, without wasting any time, let us look at why office interiors in Bangalore are important.

• Clutter everywhere

In most of the offices, it is seen that clutters are present everywhere. Further, important things such as paperwork, boxes, files etc. are scattered all over the place.

So, the first thing that you ideally need to do is remove all of these things and keep them in a particular place.

In this way, your office space would look a lot more clean & tidy.

• The productivity of the employees are boosted

One of the significant benefits of office interiors in Bangalore is that it can boost the productivity levels of the employees.

So, if your office space is neatly designed, then your employees would get great energy to work.

This will impact the productivity level of your employees and it would indeed increase the profit of your business.

Thus, it is recommended that you invest in a good office interior design for your organization.

• It can help to generate a lot more clients

One of the great things about office interior design is that you will be able to get a lot more clients.

For instance, if your client steps into your office and it is well decorated, then it will create a positive impression.

Also, if you are offering good service/products, then it will act as an icing on the cake.

This will in turn help you to convert a lot more customers.

• Reflects the service offered by your company

The look of your office can speak a lot about the services that are offered by your organization.

For example, if you are having an office that is well decorated, then your client would expect good service from you as well.

This would in turn bring a lot more customers who would look out for the service offered by you.

Kitchen Utensils and Catering Equipment from clearancegroup

A kitchen utensil mat is a handheld mat that is used to clean and dry kitchen utensils as well as dishwares. The main use of a kitchen utensil mat is to help a cook or kitchen user work more effectively and faster by providing a surface for keeping kitchen equipment. Kitchen utensil also helps maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the kitchen. If you don’t use these utensils, your kitchen may become messy.
Kitchen utensils can be made of wood, plastic silver, stainless steel, iron, copper, gold, or ceramic. In the 19th century, kitchen utensils were made of copper. However, using copper utensils can lead to decolorization or alteration of the taste of the food. Stainless Steel is a good material for making kitchen utensils, and they do not rust easily compared to iron. The kitchen utensil mat can be used to dry this effectively.

While using drying mats, ensure that you use them for the right things. You shouldn’t be cleaning a table or sharp knives with a drying mat. Also, a dish drying mat can be loaded with bacteria. Although some of these bacteria are not harmful, according to the study, your dish drying mat can potentially transfer and spread nefarious pathogens. Therefore, one can use the antibacterial utensil drying mat instead of the regular utensil mat. There are several kinds, and while some are expensive, others are cheap. It all depends on what you need. But in considering what you need, health should be considered first.

Kitchen utensils mats can be grouped into their uses by the different cooking ware they clean:

• Cooking kitchen utensil mat: these are used strictly for cleaning cooking utensils such as pots and bowls.

• Oven wares: these are strictly for oven use. An example is the baker’s hand gloves and pastry brush.

• Tablewares kitchen utensil mats: these are used to clean and dry tableware. Some are easy on plastic, while others are better for breakable. Catering Equipment

Caterers can not start their cooking business without the appropriate tools. As a caterer, you should be able to identify different tools and their appropriate uses. The different catering equipment can be classified under measuring tools, mixing tools, and cutting tools. • Measuring tools are equipment used to determine the correct quantity of ingredients to use. They are used to measure dry and liquid ingredients. Those used to measure dry ingredients can be made of wood, plastic, and metals, while those used to measure liquid ingredients are made of plastic and cups. Some measuring equipment includes; cups, weighing balance, spoons, and jugs. • Mixing tools are catering equipment used to mix different ingredients. They include wooden spoons, whisks, metal spoons, and spatulas. They are used to fold in ingredients. Examples of this are the spatula and beating of egg to allow air into the liquid, which is the function of a whisk. • Cutting equipment aid in shredding, cutting, and peeling ingredients or food items. They include knives, chopping boards, grater, and kitchen shears. Some other catering equipment includes grills, microwaves, pots and pans, and refrigerators. While picking catering equipment, you should ensure that the materials used to make them are durable. The materials used to make catering equipment determine the life span of the utensils. Some good materials for catering equipment include glass, wood, metal, iron, and stainless steel. For caterers who can afford expensive equipment, they can go for silver wares and gold wares. They are usually the best when it comes to durability. Sure you will find whatever kitchen or catering equipment you need for your next cooking adventure.

Roof Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Roof In Tip Top Shape

One of a house’s most crucial components is the roof. After all, it acts as a defense against branches and debris, as well as hail, ice, snow, and rain. Unfortunately, it is not indestructible, therefore regular roofing care is required if you want it to continue serving its role for many years. You will discover everything you need to do in this article to keep your roof in great condition, from cleaning your gutters and cutting overhanging trees to keeping it clean and performing routine shingle inspections. Look it up!
Cut Back Dangerous Branches
Falling leaves, water, and other debris are constantly attacking your roof. In addition, your roof can be harmed by overhanging branches. You should trim your tree’s branches and keep them away from your roof as a result. You should begin cutting any trees in your yard that are too close to your roof as soon as feasible.
Examine And Fix Cracked Shingles
If a shingle is broken or missing, you should check the remainder of the roof to make sure that the problem isn’t with a leaky nail or a piece of damaged wood. Although the majority of homeowners don’t care about minor fractures in their shingles, it’s crucial that you do. The crack grows worse and the shingle gets progressively weaker as time goes on.
Clean The Roof Often
You should routinely clean your roof in addition to replacing any broken shingles. This will increase its lifespan as well as make it easier for you to identify any problems. When should your roof be cleaned? To maintain them clear of debris, moss, algae, lichen, and anything else that can harm them, roofs are routinely cleaned in the spring and the fall. Use a pressure washer with nozzles that are at least 30 degrees downward for cleaning your roof. Always begin at the top of the roof and work your way down to stop water from seeping between the shingles.
Regularly Clean Your Gutters And Downspouts
Even if you frequently clean your roof, leaves and other debris can still get caught in your gutters. Because water won’t be able to drain away from the roof easily, this could cause a lot of issues. The downspouts and gutters on your home should be cleaned at least once every six months because of this.
Verify That The Roof Has Adequate Drainage
Regular gutter and downspout cleaning is important, but you should also check your roof’s drainage system for any problems. Get an expert to look at your roof if you find that water accumulates there or doesn’t drain properly. Get in touch with expert roof replacement Auckland to keep your roof in tip top condition.
Regularly Inspect For Leaks And Damage
Checking for leaks or other issues on a regular basis is one of the greatest ways to determine whether your roof is in good condition or not. Always inspect your roof after a storm or a windy day. Make a professional your first call if there are any issues. They will not only be able to rapidly resolve the problem, but they will also explain to you how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Tips to consider when buying Automatic Marshall Compactor

Marshall compactor is one of the most important, yet overlooked pieces of equipment that every business should have. It’s basically an air-powered do-it-yourself laundry
What is a Marshall Compactor?

When it comes to buying an Automatic Marshall Compactor, there are a few things to consider. Here are some tips:

Size & Capacity – Make sure the compactor has the capacity you need. Some compaction capacities range from 2-cubic yards up to 10 cubic yards.

Functionality – Make sure the compactor can handle the tasks you need it to, such as shredding, crushing, and packing. It also has a vibration monitoring equipment that helps in controlling the vibrations of the equipment.

Ease of Use – Choose a model that is easy to use and navigate, especially if you will be using it frequently.

What are the benefits of Automatic vs. Manual Compactor?

Manual compaction is the oldest type of compaction. It requires a worker to manually compact the waste material using their hands or a mechanical compactor. Manual compaction is slow and can be time-consuming, which may limit its use in high-volume areas. Automatic Marshall Compactor.

There are many advantages to using an automatic Marshall compactor. For one, it is much faster than manual compaction. This means that it can handle higher volume areas more efficiently. Additionally, automatic Marshall compaction does not require a worker to be physically present to compress the waste material. This can be helpful in high-traffic areas where space is at a premium. Another advantage of automatic Marshall compactions is that they are typically quieter than manual units. This can help reduce noise levels in an area and make it less disruptive for residents.

How much does an Automatic Marshall Compactor cost?

When looking to buy an Automatic Marshall Compactor, there are a few things to consider. The price of the machine will depend on the features that it includes and the level of automation it has. Generally speaking, compacts with more automation cost more money, but they also tend to be more efficient. Less-automated compressors can be found for less money, but they may not be as efficient.

To get the most value out of your Automatic Marshall Compactor, make sure to research its various features. This includes what type of compression it can do (high or low), how many zones it has, and how much automation it has. Also take into consideration how frequently the machine will need to be serviced and whether you want to install additional features, like dust collection systems or conveyor belts.

When making your purchase, don’t forget to compare prices and features between different models so you can find the best one for your needs.

Where do you purchase your Automatic Marshall Compactor?

When purchasing an Automatic Marshall Compactor, be sure to consider the following tips:

-Be sure to read the manufacturer’s specifications carefully. These will outline what features the machine has and how it works.

-Think about what you need the compactor for. If you plan on using it predominantly in your home, then a smaller model may be more suitable. On the other hand, if you plan on using it in a commercial setting or at a construction site, then a larger model may be better suited.

-Consider the price of the machine. It is important to remember that not all models are created equal and that some may cost more than others. Do your research before making a purchase decision.

-Be sure to ask questions when purchasing an Automatic Marshall Compactor. This will ensure that you are getting the best machine for your needs.

What are some considerations when purchasing an Automatic Marshall Compactor?

When purchasing an Automatic Marshall Compactor, there are a few things to consider. First, what type of compaction will the machine be used for? For example, is it for small objects or larger objects? Also, how big of a space will the compactor take up? Finally, what features will the machine have? For example, does it have a dustbin capacity or a speed setting? Once these questions are answered and the budget is set, it is important to look at the different models available. There are many different brands and models of Automatic Marshall Compactors on the market, so it is important to do some research before making a purchase. Some popular brands include Hoover, Miele, Samsung and Electrolux. Once a model has been chosen, it is important to read the reviews and compare prices before making a purchase.


When you’re shopping for an automatic Marshall Compactor, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure the model you choose has the features you need. For example, some compressors have more sophisticated sensors that can distinguish between different types of clothing and materials. Secondly, consider your budget. Some models are pricier than others, but they may offer better features or performance. Finally, be sure to read the reviews to see if anyone has had any issues with the machine in question. With these tips in mind, it should be easy to find the perfect Marshall Compactor for your needs!