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A kitchen utensil mat is a handheld mat that is used to clean and dry kitchen utensils as well as dishwares. The main use of a kitchen utensil mat is to help a cook or kitchen user work more effectively and faster by providing a surface for keeping kitchen equipment. Kitchen utensil also helps maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the kitchen. If you don’t use these utensils, your kitchen may become messy.
Kitchen utensils can be made of wood, plastic silver, stainless steel, iron, copper, gold, or ceramic. In the 19th century, kitchen utensils were made of copper. However, using copper utensils can lead to decolorization or alteration of the taste of the food. Stainless Steel is a good material for making kitchen utensils, and they do not rust easily compared to iron. The kitchen utensil mat can be used to dry this effectively.

While using drying mats, ensure that you use them for the right things. You shouldn’t be cleaning a table or sharp knives with a drying mat. Also, a dish drying mat can be loaded with bacteria. Although some of these bacteria are not harmful, according to the study, your dish drying mat can potentially transfer and spread nefarious pathogens. Therefore, one can use the antibacterial utensil drying mat instead of the regular utensil mat. There are several kinds, and while some are expensive, others are cheap. It all depends on what you need. But in considering what you need, health should be considered first.

Kitchen utensils mats can be grouped into their uses by the different cooking ware they clean:

• Cooking kitchen utensil mat: these are used strictly for cleaning cooking utensils such as pots and bowls.

• Oven wares: these are strictly for oven use. An example is the baker’s hand gloves and pastry brush.

• Tablewares kitchen utensil mats: these are used to clean and dry tableware. Some are easy on plastic, while others are better for breakable. Catering Equipment

Caterers can not start their cooking business without the appropriate tools. As a caterer, you should be able to identify different tools and their appropriate uses. The different catering equipment can be classified under measuring tools, mixing tools, and cutting tools. • Measuring tools are equipment used to determine the correct quantity of ingredients to use. They are used to measure dry and liquid ingredients. Those used to measure dry ingredients can be made of wood, plastic, and metals, while those used to measure liquid ingredients are made of plastic and cups. Some measuring equipment includes; cups, weighing balance, spoons, and jugs. • Mixing tools are catering equipment used to mix different ingredients. They include wooden spoons, whisks, metal spoons, and spatulas. They are used to fold in ingredients. Examples of this are the spatula and beating of egg to allow air into the liquid, which is the function of a whisk. • Cutting equipment aid in shredding, cutting, and peeling ingredients or food items. They include knives, chopping boards, grater, and kitchen shears. Some other catering equipment includes grills, microwaves, pots and pans, and refrigerators. While picking catering equipment, you should ensure that the materials used to make them are durable. The materials used to make catering equipment determine the life span of the utensils. Some good materials for catering equipment include glass, wood, metal, iron, and stainless steel. For caterers who can afford expensive equipment, they can go for silver wares and gold wares. They are usually the best when it comes to durability. Sure you will find whatever kitchen or catering equipment you need for your next cooking adventure.